Please print this application and please fill out this application clearly; either print or type. We need copy of your Driver License or ID with this application.

First Middle Last Name       
Birth Date
Social Sec No.
State & Driver Lic No.
Date Exp.



ID Address                                             
Date ID Issued



E-mail Address             
Home Phone
Mobile Phone
Other Phone
Fax No.


Additional Occupants (Over 18 years should complete separate application)

First Middle Last Name       
Relationship to Applicant



Provide Proof of Current Income/Business Card/Resume Helpful / Explain if unemployed

Current Employment / Income
Previous Employment / 2nd Job
Employed by

Business Address

Employer Phone


Type of Business


Dates of Employment
From                  to     
From                 to     
Income Per Month
$                      Check/Cash/Direct Dep
$                      Check/Cash/Direct Dep
Days & Hours

Other Income

Provide copy of present Rental Agreement. Letter of recommendation from landlord is helpful

Current Address House/Apt No.
Prior Address          
Street Address

City, State & Zip

Dates of Stay
From                     to     
From                     to     
Rent Due Date

Monthly Rent
$                           Check/Cash
$                           Check/Cash

Phone No.

Owner's Address

Name of co-tenants

Why are you moving?


1. Why do you like my property?
2. How is the condition of my property?

Available Funds to Move In (Provide Bank Statements)

Bank's Name
Account in Name of
Account No.
Date Opened

Auto Loans/Other Loans/Credit Cards

Bank's Name
High Credit Limit
Account Number
Mon Payment

Home Utility Bills/Other Monthly Payments

Name of Company
Account in name of
Balance Owed
Mon Payment

Personal References/Nearest Relatives/Close Friends

First Name Last Name
Address, City & Zip
Phone No.

Automobile/Motorcycle/Truck/Van/Boats/Rv's (Provide proof of auto insurance)

License No.
Registered Owner


§         How did you find out about this rental property? ____________________ Are you a member of any rental agency? _______ Membership number _________________ .
§         Do you own any real property, Land or Time Share? ___ What is the address? _________________________________
§         Are you being evicted? _______ Have you received notice from landlord to move out? _____ Have you served landlord "notice to vacate"? ______ When? ___________ (Provide copy of this notice)
§         Are you related to your present landlord? _____What is your relationship? _______________
§         Number of times that you have paid your rent late for the past 12 months is _________ .
§         Is there any problem between you and your present landlord? _____ What are your complaints about your present landlord and your property? _________________________
§         Any lawsuits, and or legal complaints, against present and prior landlords or management companies? _________
§         What might be your present landlord/manger's complaint about you? __________________________
§         Is your unit up for rent?_________ Who is showing/managing your unit? ______________________ What is his/her phone number? ____________________ Do you know where your unit is advertised? __________________________ How much are they asking for your unit? _____________
§         When do you plan to move in? _______________Do you smoke? ___________
§         Total number of people want to move in including children are _______.
§         Do you have any pets? _________ If so, how many, what kind, how old, indoor/outdoor and how many pounds? ___________________________________________________
§         Do you have your pet registered and licensed? ______Name (s)? ________________________ Please provide documentation for your pets.
§         Do you have fish, fish tank or a waterbed? ________
§         Have you seen your credit report recently?_____ Do you have a copy of this report? ______ You may submit your copy for our initial review.
§         Have you ever had an unlawful detainer (Eviction) filed against you or have you ever been evicted for the last 10 years? __________
§         Have you ever filed Bankruptcy? _____Date of filling, which chapter, and the result? _________
§         Do you have any Judgment, Lien or Collection against you? _____Have you ever been in default of a loan or had late payment (s)? ___
§         Are you involved in a lawsuit now? ______ Any possible credit problem?__________________________
§         Explain Yes answers ( You may attach additional papers for detailed explanations )____________________________________________________

Applicant declares under penalty of perjury that all the information given on this application is true and correct and hereby authorizes periodic verification of all references and facts, obtaining Unlawful Detainer, Court Records, Employment, Income, Account Verification, Bounced check checks, background checks (Investigative Consumer Report) that concerns your character, reputation, personal characteristics, criminal history and Credit Reports.
Applicant also agrees to pay for said verifications and knows such payment is a part of the application process and is a charge for the administrative cost of application consideration. Submitted application and supporting documents are not returnable and becomes property of Management Company.
Applicant hereby waives any claims and releases from liability any person providing or obtaining said verification or additional information. Applicant authorizes sharing of above information among his/her co-applicants. Applicant acknowledges that other prospective tenants may be interested and applying for the same property.
The undersigned hereby applies to lease Apartment No. ______ at_____________________________________for $ _________ per month and upon owner's approval agrees to enter into a Lease Agreement and pay all rent and security deposits required before occupancy. This application will be incorporated into and part of Lease Agreement. Any material misrepresentation or omission made in this application shall constitute a none-curable breach of this Agreement and applicant may be charged for investigation of untrue statements.
A non-refundable Application fee of $20.00 is hereby submitted as tenant's screening fee and/or processing this application. This fee should be paid in form of cash or money order payable to LANDLORD’S NAME AND MAILING ADDRESS.  Incomplete application will delay your approval. Original signature is required to process this application.

Applicant ___________________________ Dated: _____________________________    


Law Firm of Ray R. Nosrati